MDW: Marni’s Paloquemao

In April 2015 I took part to a series of events organised in occasion of the annual Design Week (Fuorisalone) in Milano.

After my experience at MDW, I wrote a few reports about it for Idol magazine. One of those was about Marni’s design collection, inspired by the market of Bogota’, Colombia.


Marni Paloquemao

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From Dublin To Finland

A little photographic record of the trip which brought me from London to Dublin and then all around Finland in November 2014.

Photographs taken with iPhone6


















Shoreditch, London

Photographic reportage of one of the most controversial and underground areas of London: Shoreditch, in the East of the city. The area has seen a greg development in the next ten years, going from being a suburb barely connected with the city, to a very lively place where photographic studios, independent brands and music bands have established their general quarters.

Pictures taken with Canon D500 D-SLR camera.

shoreditch 1


shoreditch 2


shoreditch 3


shoreditch 4


shoreditch 5


shoreditch 6


shoreditch 7


shoreditch 8


shoreditch 9


shoreditch 10


shoreditch 11


shoreditch 12


shoreditch 13


shoreditch 14


shoreditch 15

The City

Photographic record of my wonderings around London while I was there for fashion week in February 2014.

A bit fo Camden Town in the sun, a bit of Chelsea and its surroundings, Tower Bridge from both sides and then down the Thames until the Tate gallery, to finish in Central London, my beloved Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Westminster and Victoria.

Pictures taken with Canon D500 D-SLR camera  and edited with Photoshop and Fotor.



chelsea 1


chelsea 2


chelsea 3


chelsea 5


chelsea 6






















My collaboration with online magazine and creative guide Reykjavik Boulevard began in sumer 2013 and gave me the chance to write feature articles about traveling and fashion.

Editor Niccolo’ Scelfo also gave me the opportunity to practice my skills as fashion editor by publishing some of the editorials I’ve been working on in Dublin.

See section of the website dedicated to my work here

South West of France – Road trip

The photographic reportage of the road trip that my friend Nicholas and I took from his house in Bordeaux to Pays Basque, passing by the marvelous seaside town of Arcachon and ending un in one of the most beautiful and surreal places I’ve ever seen: the Dune du Pilat, an enormous sandy dune with the ocean on one side and very green wood on the other one.

For once I really felt like being on another planet and I’ve tried to portray that surreal feeling with certain effects I’ve chosen editing the pictures.

28 29 coor 1 coor 2 coor 3 coor 4 dune 1 dune 2 dune 3 dune 4 dune 5 dune 8 dune 9 dune 10 dune 12 dune 16 dune 17 dune 18 dune 23 dune 26 dune 27 dune 28 dune collage 1 dune collage 2

Biarritz – Bayonne – Anglet

The photographic record of my trip around Basque Country, the French side. While there I really got to experience how living there is, thanks to my friends who brought me around in their car while holding a surfing board inside of it, lighting up a fire for the night pic nick on the beach and most of all, concluding my trip with a wonderful night at the new Casino, celebrating the graduation of my friend Pauline, lovely girl who is absolutely in love with this place and therefor was the perfect person to show it to me.

The three towns are very different between each other but probably the one that I loved the most was Bayonne: with its typically Basque architecture, it’s absolutely unique and you wouldn’t be able to see something like this anywhere else in the world.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 13 14 16 17 PB 1 PB 5 PB 6 PB 7 PB 9 PB 11 PB 12 PB 13 PB 14 PB 15 PB 16 PB 17 PB 18 PB 19 PB 49 PB 50 PB 51 PB 52