MDW: Vivienne Westwood’s Alchemy

During MDW in April 2015 I participated to an event exhibition hosted by Vivienne Westwood in her Milan flagship store of Corso Venezia.
I then wrote an article about the experience for Idol magazine.

Vivienne Milano

Read about Alchemy HERE.


The Prince Of Mount Street

Here’s the article I wrote for Idol Magazine after attending the launch of Christopher Kane’s first flagship store in March 2015.

Every King needs a castle. But if most of UK Fashion royalty had already established their realm’s general quarter in the capital, up until not so long ago there was a promising Prince still in search of the perfect spot, which he finally found in Mount Street.

Chirstopher Kane is in good company, choosing the heart of Mayfair as the location of his very first flagship store.
The innovative approach of the Maison toward luxury is embodied by the main features of the boutique, realised by Kane himself with the help of minimalist British designer John Pawson. The creative duo’s aim was to build nothing but an emotional dimension: a magical space detached by the outside world and the frenzy of the city, where the focus falls on the clothes but also on the people connected to them.

Looked at from the outside, the Edwardian facade might elude the modern interiors where white dominates, interweaved with metal and glass, but this is just one of the many contrasts of the store. Experimental is fused with classic, reflections coexist with transparencies, toughness is balanced with softness in these 380sqm divided in small, comfortable rooms whose privacy blends the cold cleanness of the spaces to create a feeling of deep comfort.

Light plays a key role in enhancing the setting and the gorgeous design in it contained. But if natural light is given a dominant role through the tall windows, deprived of any extraneous detail, the darkness of the night is discouraged with the celebration of artificial lightning.
A Totem raises from the basement floor up toward the ceiling. It’s glass cylinders illuminated, it creates a ray of light that cuts the space and seems to fluctuate in it. At its base, a carousel where Kane’s creations hang quietly, to remind us about the first pourpose of this space: celebrate the designer’s realm and his incredible talent.

And just as every King needs a castle, every castle needs a staircase.
Kane and Pawson didn’t miss out on this key element, reinterpreting the entire concept of staircase: a think line of steel runs trough the whole ground floor, diving into the staircase and becoming its handrail to then disappear in the lower ground.
A steel tread that seems like the plot of a fairytale, a beautiful story which began last night when these rooms were brought to life during the store’s launch event.

Champagne flutes everywhere, the spaces animated with the conversation of some of the best fashion commentators, Kane’s castle was fully appreciated and his membership to the world of fashion royalty finalised.
Welcome to a whole new era, Christopher Kane, welcome to Mount Street.




To read the full article and view more images visit Idol Magazine Online here.


In January 2015 I took part to LC:M, reporting catwalk shows and events for Idol magazine.

Christopher Shannon:
Shannon 1







Lou Dalton:

Lou Dalton










Hardy Amies:

Hardy Amies











Casely Hayford:

Casely Hayford

Casely Hayford







All snap-shots taken with my iPhone.


My lovely Idol team-mates and I inside of the photo-boot at KTZ's after party

My lovely Idol team-mates and I inside of the photo-boot at KTZ’s after party





WRAP #fashionsalvage

At the end of November 2014 I took part to an event organized by non profit organization WRAP in the LM Barry recycling centre at Britannia Mill in Canning Town, London.

The event, hosted by fabulous stylists Emma Slade of Back of the Wardrobe and Katie Jones was meant to encourage all of us to reflect about the use we do of our own clothes.

Did you know that the average life of a piece of clothing is about three years?
And then, what happens?
Well, even tough many items are now recycled and reutilized, there are still tons of clothes which are just thrown away to be replaced by something new.

Our challenge for the night was to dig into the piles of recycled, second-hand clothing items collected in the mill and put together an interesting outfit, which would have gone home with us afterwords.

Everyone accepted the task in their own way: my class mates and friends and I, together with out mentor Anderw Tucker who embraced the challenge in the most unconventional way, managed to find out some extremely worthy pieces such as fur coats and lovely embellished tops, which we proudly styled and made our very own.







Guest star of the night was Susie Lao, one of the most followed bloggers on the fashion scene, who posted about the event publishing a photograph of all of us on her very own Style Bubble!


WATCHED – Exhibition Fashion Show

At the end of November 2014 I took part to Watched, event organized by the students of BA Fashion Design II year and BA Fashion Media at the London College of Fashion.

The event took place in the LCF Campus of Oxford Circus and featured an exhibition and a catwalk which were both inspired by Geaorge Orwell’s view of the future as a controlled dimension where everyone is being…watched.

My friend and colleague Meike Linthorst was with me as official photographer for the feature, published on Idol Magazine.

Photographs from my Instagram.







A Chid Of The Jago Goes West – London

Right after my trip to Dublin and Finland in November 2014 I took part to the inauguration of the West End flagship store of in Charing Crodd, London.

The brand created by Joseph Corre’ was showcasing its second collection inspired by Jack Sheppard, which included womenswear for the first time ever.

The event, organized by gorgeous Anisa Topan, founder of gathered together a great crowd of super cool people from the industry such as fashion photographer Perou and Jo Corre’ himself, who all enjoyed a few drinks, nice chats and of course the beautiful new collection.





Idol Magazine Issue #7 launch party, London

In October 2014 I took part to the party organized by Idol Magazine’s editor in chief Rebecca Moore to celebrate the launch of the 7th issue of the magazine – the Cult Issue.

The party took part in London’s private club The Library in St. Martin’s lane.

It was a lovely night, excellent atmosphere and great energy!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

All original photographs.

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