YIJ Cheng

In February 2016 I was appointed Social Media Manager for jewellery brand YIJ.

YIJ is an International jewellery brand, launched by designer Yij Cheng in 2013.
Yij is currently developing, creating and producing three different lines of unique jewels. YIJ Cheng – the brand’s pearl, focused on fine jewellery – YIJ Light – dedicated to the production of custom jewellery – and YIJ Feng Shui, Cheng’s most recent experiment, combining the beauty of jewellery with the healing properties of the discipline of feng shui.

Yij Cheng’s background lies within the fields of fine arts and architecture. After studying painting for years, she graduated with a BA in fine arts, majoring in sculpture and started her career within the field of architecture.
Passionate about art and jewellery, Yij finally accomplished her dream to launch her own brand, becoming a designer but still being influenced by her sculpture background.

Thinking of jewellery as always tridimensional, Yij Cheng creates movable, changeable pieces, whose unique design draws inspiration from nature, anatomy and architectural elements.

As Yij herself describes it: ‘Jewellery should be a wearable sculpture.’

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 09.46.24



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