LC:M SS16: Todd Lynn and Christopher Shannon

In June 2015 I took part to LC:M on behalf of Idol Magazine. Here’s one of my reports from the shows, reflecting on the focus many menswear designers applied on femininity this season.

This LC:M, it seems the ground was truly set for a revolution on the unisex front. From the recurrent presence of female models on the catwalk, to new interpretations of unisexuality and bids to blur lines, provoke and confuse.

The most interesting feature during LC:M has been a tendency to create looks where distinguishing the male models from the female ones became quite a challenge for show attendees. Kit Neale and Matthew Miller are among the designers who sent feminine boys and masculine ladies altogether down the runway. The blend between them – which didn’t compromise the brand’s identities in any way – was so beautifully created that it just left space for the pure appreciation of the clothes. Communicating a message of freedom from any label of gender and definition was key and calling for a whole new way of looking at the designs from the customers’ point of view too.

Among the designers who created a unisex look in a unique way which caught our attention is Todd Lynn. His monochrome white garments with refined details, shimmery see-through jackets and experimental knits were presented by boys and girls all wearing long, uber blonde, fringed wigs.
This look – which had the surreal power of making the boys look more feminine and the girls somehow masculine at the same time – was one of the best examples of combining feminine and masculine in order to get rid of gender labels achieving an overall appreciation of the fashion.

The designers’ attempt to blending identities and looks, despite the models’ gender comes as a result of their desire to insert themselves into a world where boundaries are falling.
They’ve found a way of using fashion and the power of creativity to communicate a message of deep acceptance and tolerance, giving everyone a chance to choose, want and wear whatever they like, despite the label, despite the tag, despite the gender.


Photograph by Robert Binda 

Read the article and view additional images on IDOL Magazine.


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