The New Promises Of CSM

During LFW AW15 I had the chance to go backstage at the CSM MA show. Here’s a report of what happened behind the curtains of one of the most expected catwalks of the week.


It’s well known that the future, in fashion just as in any other field, lies in the hands of the youngest generations.

It’s also well known, tough, that true innovation is much easier to be spoken than done, and that’s why being in a room filled with young promises would probably make anybody feel both proud and a bit scared.
Proud and fear were definitely among the feelings animating the backstage of the Central Saint Martin MA fashion show, which took place on the first day of LFW AW15.

A great dose of talent about to be showcased on their very first catwalk and the imminent debut of their hard work didn’t prevent many of the students from feeling stressed, but also excited. The fact that two of them would have been crowned winners of the Loreal Professionnel Creative Award 2015 at the end of the show, then, didn’t certainly help their nerves.

We spoke to Matty Boven, textile genious and MA Textile Design graduate, before everyone got to know him as one of Loreal’s chosen darlings.
He told us that the inspiration for his design often comes from the way he puts together things, not only when there’s a mannqeuin or a model to dress, but every single day, dressing his own self.


This proves the extremely personal element that every one of the students tends to insert into their work.
In fact, fashion design being a form of art, it allows them to express themselves entirely, even if it means revealing the deepest corners of their persona and make them walk down a runway for everyone to judge.
A few names who used to do the same arise, such as McQueen and Galliano, who despite their differences and controversies occupy a legitimate spot among the unforgettable ones of the fashion world.

Beth Postle, also Textile Design graduate and second winner of the Loreal Professionnel Creative Award, told us that her design is the simple resemblance of what she loves: the colours of the 90s and everything else which is fun and playful.

Both Matty and Beth are bringing forward a great tradition of British design innovators, but in a multi-cultural capital like London, in the creative environment of Central Saint Martin, a few foreign promises were to be expected.
Among them two Chinese students caught our eyes particularly;

First up, Yushan Li, Textile Design graduate from Shenzhen who created a menswear collection inspired by Francis Uprtchard’s sculpture works: ‘Her work creates a very subtle, mysterious atmosphere and a cheerful yet instant feeling’, he told us, explaining how the artist inspired him to produce workwear, using hand craft textiles he himself created.


Yushan’s collection is surprisingly wearable, but this is not always the case when dealing with some of the most creative brains in the country, up for the latest experimentation.The incredible textiles showcased by MA Womenswear graduate Xinyuan, for example, were inspired by the aesthetic of a cactus, translated it into the philosophical theme of survival with the aim of generating a reflection.


‘I like to design things that could only happen in my dreams’ she told us, proving herself wrong as she actually made them all happen, beautifully.
She also confessed us that studying at Central Saint Martin was an incredible experience that allowed her to find her true self.

For some of us it’s a school which helps us discover who we really are, and if that happens to be one of the best fashion schools in the world, so be it.
For others it’s just a matter of courage: the courage to take a pencil and draw, letting their minds and hearts free and allowing themselves to produce something which nobody has ever seen before.
They say the future lies the hands of the youngest generations, and for fashion it’s looking like a pretty promising one.


The article along with more images was published on Idol Magazine.


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