Ashish’s Punk Warrior Princess

During LFW AW15 I took part to several shows and presentations, reporting for Idol Magazine. Here’s one of my catwalk reports.


Imagine a pattern war where textures such as animal prints and patchwork get rough with camouflage and sequins came in to raise even more dust.

Ashish raised the bar for AW15 with his punk inspired princess, half warrior of the night, half boudoire-ready.
Signature patterns of the punk era, such as check, were mixed and mashed with a whole new range of options, spacing from camouflage to plain white and red embellished vests and shorts.

Denim was revisited and toughen up with studs to create experimental patterns and textures.
And if that was not eoungh, then there was the fur.
Patched together, pasted, scruffed, you name it, fur was brought to its very edge, pushed to its limit and again, just like everything else, reinvented.

Ashish delivered a chance to provoke society by forgetting everything that’s proper, daring to pair the un-pairable and empower in the toughest, most interesting way.



The article along with more images was published on Idol Magazine.


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