WRAP #fashionsalvage

At the end of November 2014 I took part to an event organized by non profit organization WRAP in the LM Barry recycling centre at Britannia Mill in Canning Town, London.

The event, hosted by fabulous stylists Emma Slade of Back of the Wardrobe and Katie Jones was meant to encourage all of us to reflect about the use we do of our own clothes.

Did you know that the average life of a piece of clothing is about three years?
And then, what happens?
Well, even tough many items are now recycled and reutilized, there are still tons of clothes which are just thrown away to be replaced by something new.

Our challenge for the night was to dig into the piles of recycled, second-hand clothing items collected in the mill and put together an interesting outfit, which would have gone home with us afterwords.

Everyone accepted the task in their own way: my class mates and friends and I, together with out mentor Anderw Tucker who embraced the challenge in the most unconventional way, managed to find out some extremely worthy pieces such as fur coats and lovely embellished tops, which we proudly styled and made our very own.







Guest star of the night was Susie Lao, one of the most followed bloggers on the fashion scene, who posted about the event publishing a photograph of all of us on her very own Style Bubble!



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