Bow Bunker – London

At the beginning of August 2014 I went back to the Bow Bunker, Perou’s studio in London, to attend a shooting he was doing for the September issue of Phoenix magazine.

I spent the entire day in the studio taking notes in order to write a one-day-in-the-life feature on Perou for 10TEN magazine.

@Bunker 1_Fotor

@Bunker 2_Fotor
(Maria, Perou and I at the end of the shooting day)

Having a chance to see the dynamic of the shoot from up close was an incredible experience.
The fashion being created around the concept Gods and Monsters was also fabulous, thanks to the great team working on the day which included Fashion Editor Nicole Smallwood, Hair Stylist Peter Beckett, MUA Margo Holder and gorgeous Scandinavian model Anu Koski.
Not to forget Maria, Perou’s faithful assistant who I rather call super-Maria…

Here some backstage pictures, my article on Perou will be published in the September issue of 10TEN.



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