Serena Palma – 10TEN Magazine

In June 2014 my interview to Milan MUA Serena Palma was published in 10TEN Magazine.
Serena is based in Milan and has worked with major photographers and fashion designers in Italy.

10TEN is an upcoming fashion magazine thought and designed by Irish designer and photographer Richard Woodside.

Serena Palma MUA 1

Serena Palma MUA 2

Serena Palma MUA 3

Serena Palma MUA 4


Drapers Magazine – London

At the beginning of June 2014 I attended a period of work experience at Drapers Magazine in London.

I was working in the Editorial team alongside Features and Special Reports Editor James Knowles.

Drapers 1

The internship was a wonderful experience which gave me the chance to participate to the work of a fantastic and welcoming team and involved serious editorial tasks such as building some of the features which appeared in the issues of the Magazine being built while I was there.

Drapers 3

Among the articles I took part to were a feature on Denim, the weekly Top 5 Most Liked Garments and the weekly Indicator which aims to give retailers and people working in the industry an idea of the best selling brands and items at the moment.

Drapers 2


In May/June 2014 I took part to the Final Creative Show of Griffith College Dublin as a graduate from the course of Journalism and Visual Media.

My colleague’s and my work was exposed in one of the rooms dedicated to the exhibitions, showcased all around the campus and which included various categories corresponding to the various courses of the college. Among them: Photography, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Interior Architecture and Visual Media.

creative show

The work I exposed was entitled Backstage and consisted in a multimedia exhibition featuring two sets of photographs and a video (One Day With FASHION SHED INT), each one representing a different backstage I had taken part to in the course of the previous few months, due to my work as a Fashion Editor and Stylist for Flawless Magazine and my personal projects.

The first backstage was the one of Red Queen Contest‘s first official music video for their first released single One and the Same. The video was filmed and edited by movie maker Aidan Farrelly and danced and choreographed by Alex Lemoss and Caitriona Brocklebank.


dance final 1

dance final 2

dance final 3



The second backstage whose official photographs I exposed was the one of the fashion editorial we shot with major British fashion and celebrity photographer Nicky Johnston in Connemara, modeled by gorgeous Chloe Costello whose make up and hair was taken care by Sandra Rakasova. Nicky was assisted during the shooting by Matt Monfredi.






The exhibition featured some great work from upcoming talents such as fashion photographer Antonina Zharko, documentarist photographer Tiberio Ventura, fashion photographers Muhammad Sami and Karen Miley, illustrator Lauren Doran.