Being asked to style the looks for upcoming brand Fashion Shed Int.‘s first official editorial shooting, I took the chance to carry with me a Canon 700D D-SLR camera and produce a backstage video of the shooting itself.

The video became part of the work I then exposed in occasion of the Griffith College Creative Show in May/June 2014 under the title Backstage.


Models: Dina Wootton, Chelsea Omotosho

Design: Fashion Shed Int.

Video Director and Editor: Carlotta Buosi


One & The Same

In 2014 I took part to the shooting of Red Queen Contest’s new single One & The Same.

I was assisting on the set and taking pictures that were then exposed in Dublin in June 2014 during the Griffith College Creative Show.

The single is to be officially released in July 2014.


Director: Aidan Ferrely

Dancers: Alex Lemoss, Caitriona Brocklebank

Music: Red Queen Contest

Digital Animation – Adobe Flash

In April 2014 I produced a digitally animated story using Adobe Flash. I titled the story Rome’s First King and it was about the legend of Romolus and Remus, the brothers who built the city of Rome and one of whom became Rome’s first king.

In order to make my animation completely original, I drew all the characters myself and digitally converted them into vector images.