B-BREAKERS – Video Documentary

During my final semester studying my BA Hons in Journalism and Visual Media I Produced, Filmed and Edited a short video documentary.

This was my second experience making a short video and I chose as main characters the Dublin City Bboys, a street dance and break dance crew based in Dublin, Ireland.

The Video has been shot with a Canon 700D D-SLR camera (the sound was recorded separately with a portable recorder and an external mic) and edited with Final Cut Pro.


Director, Producer, Editor: Carlotta Buosi

Sound Technician: Diane Thomas

Assistant: Matea Stiglic

Protagonists: Dublin City Bboys


In Connemara for Flawless Magazine

In April 2014 I planned and styled a haute couture photo shoot in Connemara, West Ireland, for Flawless Magazine.

These are some of the backstage photographs taken with a Canon 700D D-SLR camera.

Photographer: Nicky Johnston

Assistant: Matt Monfredi

Designer: Linn Marie Karslen

Make up/Hair: Sandra Rasakova

Model: Chloe Costello @Catwalk Models

Fashion Editor/Stylist: Carlotta Buosi

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c 9

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FashionShed Int – Styling

On April 2014 I was asked by patron of FashionShed Int to style the looks to be photographed in the shooting for the launch of the fashion house.

On the day, I was also recording a backstage video to be projected during the official launch event of FashionShed Int in Dublin, Ireland.

The video was shot with a Canon 500D D-SLR camera.

fs 1

fs 2

fs 3

fs 5

fs 6

fs 7

fs 9

fs 10

fs 13

fs 14

fs 15

fs 16

fs 17

fs 18

fs 19

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