At the moment I am working full time as a senior contributor writer and fashion editor for Flawless magazine.

Since I’ve started working with editor Samson Ogunshe, it has been a fantastic experience that made me realize how much I love working in a fashion magazine.

Working for Flawless I had the chance to interview personalities from the fashion industry who I’ve been learning so much from.

Among them are photographers such as: Perou, James Dimmock, Sebastian Winter, Michelangelo Di Battista, Tim Bret Day, Clive Arrowsmith, Beth Alderson, Mark Harrison, Richard Gillingan, Nicky Johnston and Lionel Deluy

designers such as: Dom Streater, Kaelen Haworth, Sara Beltran, Lucio Castro,

stylists such as: Grace Woodward, Tom Van Dorpe,

bloggers such as: Stine Mo and Mariano di Vaio.

See the website of the magazine hereFlawless is now available in the App store for Mac and Android, online for paid download and print on demand.



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