Urban Tragedy

A studio and some lights, but mostly darkness.
Two beautiful ladies, but they look sad, upset: something must have happened.
The ghost of a very handsome man, dressed up in a suit, elegant and distant.
He appears and disappear, sometimes definite, sometimes distort as he was not real there, as if you were looking through a glass.

A phone box, the rain, darkness again.
Someone tries to call, no one is picking up.
Suddenly, a reflection in the glass door: two eyes, two lights.


All of this has the potential to be extremely romantic, intense, tragical.
A tragical and romantic as only a street in the darkness and under the rain could be.
Under the rain and underground, urban.
A urban novel and a tragedy where the roles are not too clear but guessing what’s happening and what is going to happen makes it even more interesting.

This is the backstage of a shooting that I would have never expected to be so sensational.
Waiting for the complete editorial, I hope you will catch a bit the atmosphere that photographer Antonina Zharko was able to create and carry on during the entire shooting, whose magical illusion didn’t stop, not until we turned the lights back on.

Photographer: Antonina Zharko

Models: Ruth Flanagan (unsigned) and Victoria Carney (Morgans)

Assistant to the photographer: Tiberio Ventura

Make up: Marina Berman

uf 4 ut 2 ut 3 ut 6 ut 7

ut 9a

ut 10 ut 11 ut 12


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