The backstage of a stunning editorial I styled for Antonina Zharko and which we realized in one of the room of the Georgian Society of Dublin. The star was definitely the high fashion garment realized by Maria Lola Roche, featuring a piece of embroidery hand made by her granny over a hundred years ago.

Photographer: Antonina Zharko

Designers: Sookyoung Song, Rebecca Kenny, Louise Rawlins, Maria Lola Roche, Mary Fitzpartick

Jewels: Beatriz Palacio

Stylist: Carlotta Buosi

Make Up/ Hair: Marina Bergman

Models: Rebecca Gasking, Alison Treanor (Distinct Model Agency)

g 1 g 2 g 3 g 4 g 5 g 6 g 7 g 8 g 10 g 12 g 14 g 17 g 19 g 23 g 24 g 26 g 28 g 31 g 34 g 39 g 42

The actual editorial was published online in Reykjavik Boulevard.


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