Emily’s Wo(r)ld


Emily Wold is a funny pretty American girl, who was born in Wisconsin but has made her way to Chicago in order to study at the Columbia College, which is one of the biggest Art schools in USA. Art, as we have understood, trying to define it, can mean a lot of things. We have been talking about photography, painting, street painting, fashion, music and more, but most of all Video. Emily has a passion for Video making, which is absolutely genuine, as it started out as a hobby. In fact, she has been making videos since, middle school, both for school projects of just trying to find a way not to be bored hanging out with her friends. It’s when she started College in Chicago that she actually realized that her passion could have became a profession. She is also very passionate about music, and most of her videos are proper music videos, which she makes for fun, especially during the summer. To inspire her, a lot of her friends back in Wisconsin are musically inclined, and she likes to make videos of them while listening to their gigs. If you look at the earliest videos, it’s clear how talent plays a topical role in her video making, but looking at the more recent ones, we can also see how much she has been developing her skills since she started the Art School. In fact, it has given her the chance to experiment with something else which she ended up loving: animation. And in particular with finding artsy ways to make it. What caught her attention the most was stop motion animation. It’s a technique which consists in draw things first and then take pictures of them. The pictures are them put together in order to create an animated figure.


Of course, her work is totally self made: she is both the artist, the photographer and the director of her videos, which sometimes take her a long time to be done. Another thing she likes to do it combining various mediums: for example draws and video footage all together, which creates a sort of surreal feeling, but it comes out so incredibly effective and communicating, also because as I said at the beginning, her inspiration is absolutely genuine and comes from things she is really in contact with. But also, sometimes she is just able to make everything around her look artistic and inspiring, also a normal afternoon hanging out in Wisconsin. For us, which in this blog are trying to consider as art everything which is able to give us an emotion and make us feel inspired, Emily and what she does are just the fulfilling of our theory. But apart from her own pleasure creating these pieces of art by making art itself, this talent could not pass by without being noticed. Because of that, someone came to give a all new range of possibilities: Tim, the singer and guitarist of The Hot Sprockets, an Irish band which Emily absolutely loves and for whom she has been doing art works and music videos. In particular one night some time ago, she couldn’t sleep and she decided to make a video for them at 2.30 am. Then, she posted it on YouTube as any other one of her videos, but it was Tim who found it on her channel (which is called emilyeffect), loved it and contacted Emily. The whole band liked her work so much that they sent her stickers, pins, two albums and a letter.


Meant to be? Probably, because after that great satisfaction which came from being appreciated for something she loves to do, she felt more inspired than ever, and she answered with some draws of Tim, the band and herself. She has also made a video while drawing Tim’s portrait, and after The Hot Sprockets posted it on their FaceBook page, many other bands started to contact Emily in order to ask her for similar types of art works and videos for them. This is something which makes the difference for her, because as she said: “In the States we focus so much on getting a job that is not always likely that you’re going to school for what will actually be what you end up working as when you get out of college…”. And what is better than turning our passions and interest in something which would eventually pay our bills? Probably nothing, also because it means practice these skills which sometimes come out of us as a natural inclination, but which could always get better and bring us to a further level.


“The only trouble” says Emily “in the business side of things. I need to learn more about charging them for my work because I don’t know anything about it yet”.

As I said, eventually pay our bills….

You can see one of Emily’s videos here:


It’s one to which I am particularly bound as we did it together in Dublin. Actually, we weren’t aware she was filming and this video ended up being the best surprise and greatest memory of that day.






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